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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Updates from Steve's World


If the piece that you want is not on homepage or blog, let me know I probably have done it, and have a jpeg of it. If you want something special I will be more than happy to give it a try. Call or email me, i do ck email every day I usually answer the phone unless I am traveling and then have that wonderful answering machine.

The latest news from the Boltpeople,June, 2009

Oct 3&4 Sierra Vista AZ space 29
Oct 9,10 & 11 Patagonia Az space 89
Oct 17 & 18 The District, Henderson NV in front of REI
Nov. 7 & 8 Las Cruces Ren. Faire
Nov 27-29 Albuquerque New Mexico at the Fairgrounds
Dec 5 & 6 Tempe Az.

The latest news from the Boltpeople, June 2009
Hello again from the world of boltpeople. Please realize that all the boltpeople are made on an individual basis by hand and not a machine. I work alone. I do not have any help.
Another note: There are more pictures of my work if you view my profile. Also if any of those who read have suggestions please answer my blog. i will do my best to address the issues.

For those that read this blog i am now on facebook and showing a lot of my new work. I am really enjoying facebook because of that and of all the friends that i have i can talk to them and ask opinions. i am also taking oxygen bottles and making bells out of them. Made two last week and they have been driving me bonkers with the ding ding ding. yes it is real windy in not the windy city but in prescott, Arizona. Still making necklaces. Still looking for galleries to carry my work. Some of my customers have seen me at the Denver Airport in the Colorado Collection. So if you are passing thru the denver airport stop there and buy. I am still making trophies these are the organizations i have done work for in the past.

Multiple Scelorisis in Carlsbad, CA 2009- bikes
Ft. Lowell Soccer Shootout, Tucson, AZ - Soccer players
VA Golf Tournament Prescott, Az- Golf
Easter Seals- Phx Az - Small race cars & volleybal

For those interested i do have a facebook acct. and am posting a lot of my new pieces on facebook. it is much simpler and quicker and am getting good responses.

Art & Soul, Burlington Ca
Gesture, Reno NV.
Gallery 873, Ivins, UT
Artique, Lexington KY
Grovewood Gallery, Asheville NC
Wild Hands, Jackson, WY
JJ Elephants, PA
ZYZYX - Baltimore, Maryland
Fiddleheads @ Four Corners in Bennington VT.
Beckonings in Nashua NH
Cheshire Medical Center Gift Shop in Keene, NH
Simply Devine! Bethel Park, Pa
Winterfire Gallery 2- Winston-Sal
Seldom Seen - Ft. Lauderdale, Fl
Colorado Collection at the Denver Airport.
Ursus Gallery Columbus, OH card holders
JJ Elephants in chester spring pa. it is a gift shop and coffee shop in one. say hello to judy for me.

I am also doing a lot of custom work. just finished someone lawn bowling and it came out perfect. Also did the train engine on the first page of my homepage and the person was thrilled.
for what ever it is worth the x-govenor of az took her lawyer with her to washington dc. and even sent a piece to iraq to a soldier who has been collecting my work for years. till next time when i can fig how to change this blog, chow